Points of a Cow
1. Head - moderate in length, wide forehead, good depth through jaw; eyes large, placid and prominent; ears fairly large, thickly covered with soft hairs.  Horns - fine and well spread; so long as the horns start straight from the head, a good deal of latitude is allowed as to their direction, but on the whole a moderately level horn, turning upwards at the tips, is preferable.   

 Points of a Cow - Head

2. Neck - fine and well set; throat as clean as possible.   

 Points of a Cow - Neck

3. Shoulders - free from courseness, fitting nicely into body.  Not prominent at the points (which are indicated by demonstrator's right hand).

 Points of a Cow - Shoulders

4. General Appearance - deep, long and low set, with greater depth through hindquarters than through forequarters. Points of a Cow - General Appearance
5. Body - big roomy middle, well-sprung ribs, deep, strong over the loins.   

 Points of a Cow - Body

6. Udder (side view) - moderate to large but not fleshy; carried well forward; quarters not divided; teats of moderate size and placed well apart.  Skin thin and pliable.

 Points of a Cow - Udder (side view)

7. Udder (rear view) - carried well up between the thighs, wide throughout, and not pendulous.  

 Points of a Cow - Udder (rear view)

8. Skin - moderately thick; pliable. Hair - thick, soft and fairly long.  Tightly curled hair is objectionable.  Colour - the intensity of the colour varies from rusty black to jet black.  Some white is allowed on the underline.  

 Points of a Cow - Skin

9. Hindquarters - long, wide and deep.  Thighs broad but not too thick, well fleshed down to the hocks.  The setting of the tail should be level with the top line, neat, and free from coarseness.  Hind legs - straight from hocks to pasterns.  Feet - sound.  

 Points of a Cow - Hindquarters