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Welsh Black International Conference
Posted on September 7 at 8:01PM.

Malcolm Douglass traveled to WALES IN 2004, as Society President and accompanied by a delegation of Australian Society members, to attend the first Welsh Black International Conference.  He proposed that the conferences should be held every four years and issued the invitation for the next international conference to be held in Australia in November of 2008.  We have had confirmation from Wales that we can now expect over 30 breeders from Wales, three breeders from Germany and ten breeders from New Zealand.  We are hoping that some breeders from Canada and Denmark will also join us on this memorable occasion.

The conference tour will commence with a celebration of Wales in Australia and a Welsh Black beef welcome dinner at the Melbourne Park Hyatt.  We will proceed over the course of the following fortnight with visits to Welsh Black breeders in Victoria and New South Wales, at the same time taking in the sights of those states and the ACT. 

The tour will once again underline the importance of networking and cultural exchange between Wales and Australia, as well as pooling experience in the agribusiness field. Invaluable contacts will be made, easing the continued development of bloodlines globally and the further enhancement of this great breed of cattle.




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