Welsh Black Society Promotional Merchandise

 Your Welsh Black Society Committee has put into place a system for you to choose what sort of merchandise you would like for yourself. We are working with Bairnsdale Menswear & Corporate Apparel. The Australian Welsh Black logo has been registered with them as the main logo.

You can either supply your own merchandise or go to the website of Biz Collection at and look at their catalogue for an item/s you would like embroidered with the Welsh Black logo. There would have to be thousands of options there for you to choose from. Please quote the Style Code in the catalogue.

The contact at Bairnsdale Workwear is Melissa Rodier, email: or phone 03 5152 5900. If you send an email, please mark it to Melissa’s attention.

If you also wanted extra embroidery added, that can also be arranged e.g. your stud name or logo. The cost to have the Welsh Black logo done is only $10, plus the cost of the garment. To have your garment done will only cost $10. There could also be postage on top of this. Please feel free to contact myself, Colin, for more information.

Don’t forget that we do still have some of the older merchandise available, such as, rugby tops, black polo shirts, windcheaters, uniform show vests, uniform red ties and stubby holders. Please contact Carol or myself if you’re interested in any of these items.